Terms of Use


Please be sure to agree to the Agreement for use of BOYS MEETING from Thailand. The Agreement written in English has been prepared as a supplemental document for the convenience of User. Only the Agreement written in Japanese has binding power, and in the event of any conflict between the Agreement written in Japanese and the Agreement written in English, the Agreement written in Japanese shall prevail. Article1 (the Agreement) 1.This agreement (the “Agreement”) is the terms and conditions for the use of the service named “BOYS MEETING from Thailand” (the “Service”) provided by MEDIASEEK, Inc. (“MEDIASEEK”). You who use the Service (“User”) shall agree to the Agreement and “Prohibited Matters” posted separately, before using the Service. User shall use the Service in compliance with the Agreement and “Prohibited Matters”. 2. The Agreement and “Prohibited Matters” might be changed by MEDIASEEK without prior notice to User. When User uses the Service after the change of the Agreement and “Prohibited Matters”, such change shall apply to the usage of the User and the User shall be deemed to have agreed to such change. Article2 (Precautions for use) 1. User shall, with its own responsibility and User's own risk, register and manage User's information submitted for registration ("RegInfo", including e-mail address and password). 2. User agrees to the following to keep the password secure and confidential. (1) User agrees that it is User's responsibility to make and keep the password NOT easily guessed by others. (2) User shall NOT disclose the password to any others. 3. MEDIASEEK may treat the usage of the Service by the third person or entity with the password of User as the usage of the User oneself. User shall be responsible for all outcomes and responsibilities resulted from activities of others who used the Service with the password of User. 4. User shall be responsible for any damages, losses and costs suffered by MEDIASEEK or a third party when such the damages, losses or costs are invoked due to the unauthorized use of User's password. 5. User agrees that it is User's responsibility to keep and manage User's RegInfo accurate and updated. MEDIASEEK shall not be responsible to any damage or costs suffered by User accrued by or in connection with inaccuracy or falsehood of RegInfo. 6. User shall be acknowledged that MEDIASEEK may, at its own discretion, observe or monitor User's RegInfo for management of the Service. MEDIASEEK may, without prior notice to User, remove, delete, or disable any account of User if MEDIASEEK believes there is violation of AGREEMENT. MEDIASEEK may, at its own discretion, disclose User's RegInfo to public bureau such as court or police when MEDIASEEK judges that it is appropriate for the purpose of protecting life, body or property of a third party, or the purpose of protecting rights, service or property of MEDIASEEK. 7.Please note when User use the Service, MEDIASEEK may collect usage history, information on terminal devices, etc. in order to improve the Services. 8. If User is a minor, please use the Service with the consent of a person with parental authority. Using the Service, User shall be deemed to have obtained the consent of a person with parental authority. 9. Please note in advance that the Service is provided for non-commercial or personal use by User. 10. In order to receive event rewards and other rewards in the Service, User is required to have an address in Japan, except when such reward can be received electronically. Confirmation of the receiving address will be performed using the receiving address confirmation screen announced within the Service. Event rewards, etc. will not be sent to User who do not have a receiving address in Japan or who are unable to confirm the receiving address on the receiving address confirmation screen. In this case, User will be deemed to have waived the right to receive event rewards etc. without compasation. Notwithstanding the above, for certain event reward, etc. as determined by MEDIASEEK, it may be exceptionally possible to set the Kingdom of Thailand, the People’s Republic of China, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, and the Republic of Korea as receiving addresses, in addition to Japan. Article3 (Regarding personal information) Regarding personal information, please see “On handling of personal information” (https://boys-meeting.jp/before_regist/kojinjoho). Article4 (the Coins) 1.“the Coins” refers to an electronically managed point system that can be used in the Service. 2.User may purchase the Coins in the Service by payment method determined by MEDIASEEK. 3.User pays the fees incurred in the process of purchasing the Coins. After confirming that payment has been successfully completed, MEDIASEEK will credit User with the Coins proportional to the amount paid. 4.User understand that due to the nature of the Internet, there may be a time delay between the completion of the Coins purchase procedure and the completion of the Coins credit. 5.The Coins are valid until the first day of the calendar month that is six months after the calendar month containing the date of purchase. 6.The Coins held by User will expire in the following cases. (1) In the event of passed the validity period specified in the preceding paragraph. (2) In the event of termination of the Service in its entirety or any part thereof pertaining to Coins. In such cases, the Coins shall expire regardless of the aforementioned validity period. (3) In the event that User’s account is deleted. (4) In the event that User loses User’s qualification (“User Qualification”) for any reason. 7.User shall not transfer, lend, buy, or sell the Coins to any third party. 8.MEDIASEEK will not refund the purchase fee for the Coins or convert them into electronic currency, etc. issued by a third party for any reason whatsoever. 9.MEDIASEEK will not refund the Coins under any circumstances, no matter what in-game items or effects User have obtained by spending Coins. 10.MEDIASEEK will not accept any transfer of the Coins held by User to another User’s account for any reason whatsoever. 11.MEDIASEEK will not accept any transfer of in-game items or in-game effects obtained by spending the Coins to another User’s account for any reason whatsoever. 12.Minors must have the consent of a legal representative, such as a person with parental authority, before applying to purchase the Coins. Any purchase of the Coins by User will be deemed to be with the consent of a person with parental authority. 13. If MEDIASEEK determine that User's conduct violates Section 7 of this Article, MEDIASEEK may delete such User’s account used for the purchase procedure. Article5 (Intellectual property right) 1.User may only post text and other information onwhich User have the necessary intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, or have obtained permission from the necessary right holders. 2. If any copyright or other intellectual property rights arise in connection with the information posted, such intellectual property rights shall belong to MEDIASEEK. 3. All copyrights or any other intellectual property rights of all information relating to the Service, any related document/materials, including helps and manuals, and any content information displayed in the Service, shall vest in MEDIASEEK or rights holder who licensed to MEDIASEEK. User shall not duplicate, ownership transfer, rent, translate, modify, reproduce, publicly transmit (including making transmittable), communicate, distribute, publish, or commercially use, etc. without prior permission. Article6 (withdrawal) 1.If User wishes to terminate use of the Service and relinquish user qualification, User must perform the necessary actions to withdraw. 2.MEDIASEEK shall not be obligated to continue to retain any information related to User who has withdrawn from the Service. 3. User shall be deemed withdrawn from the Service upon his/her death. Any rights and duties which had been belonged to such User shall be personal and exclusive to such User, and shall not be succeeded to through inheritance. Article7 (prohibited activities) 1. MEDIASEEK prohibits following behaviors related with the usage of Service regardless of User is intentional or negligent. (These behaviors are prohibited irrespective of using what kind of function of Service). MEDIASEEK may delete a corresponding section, stop the usage of Service, or deprive User of User Qualification without prior notice, when User performed any one of prohibited behaviors. In that case, MEDIASEEK shall accept no question or no complaint about a result or stop measure. Even if MEDIASEEK makes such prior notice to User, whether User send back any replies or objections to such notice or not, or whether such notice really reached to User or not do make no effect on MEDIASEEK to take such measurement as described above (to delete a corresponding section, to stop the usage of Service, or to deprive User of User Qualification). (1) Antisocial behavior (a) A behavior which violates laws and regulations or public orders and good morals; (b) A criminal behavior or a behavior which announces, participates, or facilitates crime; (c) An act to publish, register or post information including contents which invite a falsehood or misunderstanding; (d) A behavior which applies a burden to a server exceeding the range of ordinal use or facilitates it, or which blocks management or supply by MEDIASEEK, or usage of other Users, or interferes with them; (e) A behavior which infringes on intellectual property rights, including but not limited to third party's industrial property rights (patents, trademarks, etc.), copyright, or trade secrets; (f) A behavior which infringes on a third party's trust or reputation, or on a privacy, portrait rights, or all other right of a third party, regardless of whether such third party is a person or a corporate, private or official and of whether specification method of such third party is user ID, nickname, real name, or link for the third party, etc... (g) A behavior which publishes a language or other expressions with risk of glorifying, encouraging or inducing suicide, self-injuries, drug abuse, etc.; (h) Harassment to a third party in any method including stalking. (i) A behavior which publishes an expression which leads to discriminatory treatment based on a ethnicity, race, sex, age, etc.; (2) Indecent behavior, violent expression, and a behavior on the purpose of meeting opposite sex (a) A behavior which posts of obscene, violent, grotesque, or other words or expressions that general users may find offensive; (b) A behavior which guide visitor to an adult site by providing links or other methods; (c) A behavior which publishes the link to the download site of child prostitution, pornography, or an uncorrected video image, etc.; (d) A behavior which introduces adult-related goods by direct message or by using Service; (e) Any behavior which MEDIASEEK judges which have a main purpose of wishing to meet opposite sex or guiding others into meeting opposite sex; (f) Other behaviors which are judged to have bad influence on minors' personality and character, etc. (such as tattoo, alcohol consumption or smoking of minors, etc.); (3) Commercial behavior (a) A behavior which publishes information or transmits e-mail (except for which MEDIASEEK permitted) for the purpose to trade or exchange goods or service (including advertisement, notice, solicitation thereof), regardless of for profit or not; Even if information of free seminars, where goods are sold or participants may conclude contracts at that seminar shall be deemed as a information prohibited in this section. (b) A behavior which takes advantage from all or a part of Service, provided by MEDIASEEK, for the commercial purpose (including use, replay, reproduce, copy, sale or resale in any forms, except for which MEDIASEEK permitted); (c) A behavior which takes advantage from all acquired information through Service except for User's private use by the following methods, such as reproduce, sell, publish, or disclose to public etc., let others do so, or let third parties do so; (d) Multiple transmission or publication using such as message or e-mail function for the purpose of advertisement, notice, or solicitation etc. (including multiple posting, spam mail, or chain mail, etc.); (e) To publish or transmit following information  (i) Information which solicits third party such as pyramid selling, chain mail, MLM (multilevel marketing), or lead mail;  (ii) Information guiding to the site where visitor get the advantage, such as a point, from an affiliate or introducing (except for which MEDIASEEK permitted);  (iii) Information containing information quotient material; (f) All medical treatments or acts similar to medical treatments (in any form including use of a medicine or some other treatment material, spiritual treatments, power stone, counseling, fortune-telling) regardless of with profit or non-profit (except for which MEDIASEEK permitted); (g) To collects or accumulates personal information of other User's, or tries to do so; (4) A behavior to publish personal information (a) To publish information with which specific individual can be identified, such as personal e-mail address or telephone number regardless of such information is of User oneself or others; (b) A behavior to pretend to be another person by publish or register false information, or to use Service with another User's RegInfo (mail address or passwords, etc.), even if under permission of such another User; (5) Miscellaneous (a) A behavior to reproduce, reprint, or redistribute any works including pictures, movies, sounds, or music used in Service (except for which MEDIASEEK permitted); (b) Election campaigning, political activities, and religious activities (c) Re-registration by Ex-user who has been suspended of use for violation of the Agreement; (d) Usage of one User Qualification by two or more persons; (e) A behavior to transfer User's qualification, function, usage right, privilege, etc. in the Service; (f) A behavior to trade User's qualification, function, usage right, privilege, etc.in the Service for cash, any property, or property benefits, or advertise, make a notice, or solicit etc. of such trade; (g) In addition, behaviors which MEDIASEEK judges to be unsuitable. Article8 (Disclaimer) User must first understand and agree to the following terms on limitation of liability of MEDIASEEK before start to use Service. 1. MEDIASEEK MAY CHANGE, HALT OR CEASE TO OFFER SERVICE TO USER ANYTIME WITHOUT NOTIFICATION TO USER WHEN MEDIASEEK DECIDE IT IS NECESSARY WITH MEDIASEEK'S OWN DISCRETION. WHEN MEDIASEEK CHANGE, HALT OR CEASE TO OFFER SERVICE WITH MEDIASEEK'S OWN DISCRETION OR DUE TO COMPELLING REASONS INCLUDING INCIDENT AND ACCIDENT, MEDIASEEK SHALL TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY TO USER. SOME PART OF SERVICE MAY BE OFFERED WITH EXPIRATION DATE. WHEN MEDIASEEK CEASES TO OFFER SUCH PART UPON EXPIRATION, MEDIASEEK SHALL TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY TO USER. 2. TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMISSIBLE UNDER APPLICABLE LAW, MEDIASEEK DOES NOT GUARANTEE THAT THE SERVICE WILL FUNCTION WITHOUT INTERRUPTION OR ERRORS IN FUNCTIONING. THE OPERATION OF THE SERVICE MAY BE INTERRUPTED OR UNAVAILABLE DUE TO UNDEFINED INCIDENTS. USER SHALL USE THE SERVICE AT USERS OWN RISK AND AGREE THAT THE USE OF THE SERVICE IS ON AN "AS-IS" BASIS WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. 3. TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMISSIBLE UNDER APPLICABLE LAW, MEDIASEEK DISCLAIMS ALL LIABILITY TO CORRECT ANY ERRORS OR MALFUNCTIONING OF THE SERVICE. 4. TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMISSIBLE UNDER APPLICABLE LAW, IN NO EVENT SHALL MEDIASEEK BE LIABLE FOR ANY NORMAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, DIRECT, INDIRECT OR EXEMPLARY DAMAGES WHATSOEVER, WHETHER RELATED TO OR ARISING OUT OF (1) USAGE OF SERVICE OR UNAVAILABILITY OF SERVICE, (2) UNLAWFUL ACCESS OR UNJUST CHANGE, (3) OTHER USER'S REMARK, COMMENT, POSTING AND TRANSMITTING (DISPATCH) ACT IN SERVICE, (4) ANY OTHER ACTS MADE BY OTHER USER(S) IN SERVICE OR A THIRD PARTY'S SPOOFING ACT, OR (5) ANY AFFAIR WHICH HAS REASONABLE CONNECTION WITH SERVICE, EVEN IF MEDIASEEK HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. 5. TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMISSIBLE UNDER APPLICABLE LAW, MEDIASEEK SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR AND SHALL NOT ENDORSE ANY FEATURES, CONTENT, INCLUDING INFORMATION POSTED BY OTHER USER(S), PROVIDED AND AVAILABLE ON THE SERVICE. MEDIASEEK DISCLAIMS ALL DAMAGES SUFFERED BY USER ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH ANY FEATURES OR CONTENT. MEDIASEEK ALSO DISCLAIMS ALL DAMAGES SUFFERED BY USER ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH SITES LINKED FROM SUCH FEATURES OR CONTENT. 6. TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMISSIBLE UNDER APPLICABLE LAW, MEDIASEEK DISCLAIMS ALL DAMAGES SUFFERED BY USER ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE CHANGE OR UPDATE OF ANY FEATURES, CONTENT, INCLUDING INFORMATION POSTED BY OTHER USER(S), PROVIDED ON THE SERVICE. 7. WHEN THE CONTENT OF INFORMATION WHICH USER POST IS VIOLATING THE AGREEMENT OR IS, DETERMINED REASONABLY BY MEDIASEEK, LIKELY TO VIOLATE THE AGREEMENT, MEDIASEEK MAY DELETE OR REJECT SUCH POST. MEDIASEEK DISCLAIMS ALL DAMAGES SUFFERED BY USER ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH SUCH DELETE OR REJECTION. 8. NOTWITHSTANDING THE FOREGOING SECTION 8.1 TO SECTION 8.7 OF THE AGREEMENT STIPULATING THE FULL DISCRIMINATION OF MEDIASEEK, REGARDING DEFAULT AND DAMAGES, SHALL NOT BE APPLIED PROVIDED THAT THE AGREEMENT IS DEEMED AS "CONSUMER CONTRACT" DESIGNATED IN CONSUMER CONTRACT ACT (ACT NO. 61 of 2000) ART. 2, PARA. 3. IN RELATION BETWEEN USER AND MEDIASEEK. IN THIS CASE, MEDIASEEK SHALL BE RESPONSIBLE ONLY FOR DIRECT AND ORDINAL DAMAGES DIRECTORY RESULTING FROM THE CAUSE IMPUTABLE TO MEDIASEEK AND ACTUALLY INCURRED TO AND SUFFERED BY USER, ONLY WHEN MEDIASEEK MADE WILLFUL FAILURE OR GROSS NEGLIGENCE. Article9 (User's Responsibility) 1.When a dispute occurs between User and other user(s), User shall settle such dispute with User's own cost and responsibility. User also shall be responsible to and compensate any damages caused from such dispute suffered by MEDIASEEK, other irrelevant user(s) and any other third parties. 2.When a dispute occurs between User and other party(is) other than user of Service, User shall settle such dispute with User's own cost and responsibility. User also shall be responsible to and compensate any damages caused from such dispute suffered by MEDIASEEK, other irrelevant user(s) and any other third parties. 3.In addition to settings in 9-1 and 9-2, User shall settle, with User's own cost and responsibility, any claims or disputes arise from or occurred in connection with User's access to or act in Service, breach of the Agreement or violation of third party right. 4.When User violates third party right and MEDIASEEK indemnifies to such third party or bear any expenses in connection with dealing claim or dispute made by such third party, User shall be responsible to and compensate such indemnification and expenses including, but not limited to, attorney's fee. Article10 (Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction) 1. All dispute between MEDIASEEK and User related to the subject matter herein shall be submitted to the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court in Japan. 2. All legal relationship between MEDIASEEK and User, including the Agreement, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan in all aspects of validity, construction and performance thereof without reference to conflicts of laws principles. Article11 (General) 1.If it turns out that a particular term of the Agreement is not enforceable, this will not affect any other terms. 2.User shall not assign or transfer, by operation of law or otherwise, any of its rights under this Agreement to any third party. User expressly agrees that MEDIASEEK may assign its rights and delegate its obligations to any third party any time without restrictions. 3.If User does not comply with any terms of the Agreement, and MEDIASEEK does not take action right away, this doesn't mean that MEDIASEEK is giving up any rights that MEDIASEEK may have. MEDIASEEK may take some actions in the future for such incompliance by User. Established: 13 January2023 Last Modified: 18 July 2023